A Fishing Competition Organized by and for Anglers

“We don’t know what we don’t know”, we may need to adjust strategies and tactics as we go. But what we do know, is our goal is pure.

TAA will take bass fishing back to grass roots.

“We want to congratulate winner
Chris Johnston and the other 11 finalists!”

Touring Anglers Association, Inc.

A Nonprofit Organization

Key Dates & Times:

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  • Tournament Dates:
  • Tournament Waters:
  • Location: TBA
  • Official Boat Ramp: TBA
  • Water Off-Limits: TBA
  • Number of Days Off-Limits: 15
  • Dates TBA:
    • Check in: TBA
    • Prayer & National Anthem:
    • Ride Around: TBA
  • Dates TBA: Full Field Tournament
  • Dates TBA: Final 12
  • Ease Offs: TBA
  • Weigh-Ins: TBA

Event Format:

  • No Information Period Rule: There will be 15-day off-limits for all contestants. To police the “No Information Period Rule” and to try to stop the buying of information, all Angler’s GPS units will be restricted to only waypoints created during the ride around and tournament days. This will strictly be enforced and reviewed by tournament staff. All anglers are strictly prohibited from buying, selling, or bartering for information, or dots. Anglers are allowed to share information with other contestants after the tournament has been initiated. (Waypoints are prohibited on any mobile device).
  • No Practice Allowed: Instead of a practice round, there will be a 3 to 4-hour ride around the lake the Monday before the tournament. No fishing is allowed during the ride around. 
  • Participation: All anglers will participate in the first 2 days. The 3rd day is cut down to twelve boats. The final twelve anglers will ride with an observer or an eliminated angler.
  • Weigh and Stay: Anglers are requested to weigh their fish and remain onsite to help with any potential tournament logistics that may arise. There will be no stage interviews to reduce weigh-in time and boost comradery amongst anglers.
  • Equipment Restrictions: The following equipment MUST be UNPLUGGED from the boat before the ride around and endorsed by tournament staff that items are removed: 
    • Live scope
    • Forward-facing sonar
    • 360 imaging transducer

TAA Reduces Costs to Increase Angler Winnings

We eliminate overhead costs by requesting anglers to participate in tournament logistics normally conducted by tournament staff.

TAA will have NO employees. Some of the business needs of TAA tournament work will be outsourced to service organizations thus eliminating employees.

Sponsors will not be included in the first tournament. If the tournament is successful, all future events will negotiate only substantial tournament sponsorship opportunities. 100% of sponsor money gained will go towards the prize money.

TAA will eliminate the practice which will reduce travel expenses and limit time away from jobs and families.

Outsourced Format Include:

By outsourcing work, minimal costs will come out of the entry fees. Any remaining money goes to the payout.

Outsourced Roles:

Weigh Master

Tournament Director


Media: A media company will edit down all the videos and publish them on the website. (Tech setup may not be available until the second tournament).

Event Format

Learn more about the notable tournament format.  

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