TAA Rules

Event Format

No Information Period Rule – There will be 15-day off-limits for all contestants. To police the “No Information Period Rule” and to try to stop the buying of information, all Angler’s GPS units will be restricted to only waypoints created during the ride around and tournament days. This will strictly be enforced and reviewed by tournament staff. All anglers are strictly prohibited from buying, selling, or bartering for information, or dots. Anglers are allowed to share information with other contestants after the tournament has been initiated. (Waypoints are prohibited on any mobile device).

No Practice Allowed: Instead of a practice round, there will be a 3 to 4-hour ride around the lake the Monday before the tournament. No fishing is allowed during the ride around.

Participation: All anglers will participate in the first 2 days. The 3rd day is cut down to twelve boats. The final twelve anglers will ride with an observer or an eliminated angler.

Weigh & Stay: Anglers are requested to weigh their fish and remain onsite to help with any potential tournament logistics that may arise. There will be no stage interviews to reduce weigh-in time and boost comradery amongst anglers.

Horsepower: A maximum horsepower of 250.

Equipment Restrictions: The following equipment MUST be UNPLUGGED from the boat before the ride around and endorsed by tournament staff that items are removed:
* Live scope
* Forward-facing sonar
* 360 imaging transducer

Equipment & Media Requirements

Anglers are encouraged to have video cameras on the boat.

Anglers are asked to submit a full day of continued recorded videos and photos via a memory card. Clips of this media will be used in the production of the tournament.

Angler Marketing

Anglers are allowed to livestream to help promote their brand.

Anglers are encouraged to post their content on their social sites.

Tournament Information

The Next Tournament Planning is in Progress.
Check back soon for updates!

Tournament Check-In / Meeting Date: (Date TBA) Before the ride around, every angler needs to personally check in with a TAA Volunteer on the premises. This will be the only registration period.

Flights: Contestants will go out in flights. Flights and check-in times will be staggered to give each contestant equal fishing time.

Official Registration / On-Site Check-In: (Date & Time TBA) via time slots. Time slots will be emailed before the tournament.

Tournament Briefing: Virtual – All contestants must view.

Participation: All anglers will participate in the first 2 days, the 3rd day is reduced down to twelve boats. Twelve eliminated Anglers will be selected to ride as observers with the remaining boats.

Boat Inspection: (Date & Time TBA) Boat inspections will be completed on the trailer. Through the use of a shared app, all anglers will be inspected. This allows us to track who has and has not checked in.

Ride Around Date: (Date & Time TBA) All competitors must be off tournament waters by 5:00 PM local time on check-in day.

Opening Ceremony: The National Anthem and prayer will be conducted at the beginning of the tournament.

Pre-Tournament Off-Limits: Off-limits day starts at midnight on (Date TBA)(15 days before the tournament). You are not permitted to be in the tournament waters at this time. Anglers are not permitted to knowingly recruit, obtain, or receive any information from anybody other than fellow competitors during the off-limits time, practice sessions, or competition.

Tournament Waters: Lake Lanier and any of its related rivers and canals will serve as the tournament waters. Tournament waters will only be those that are accessible to everyone for fishing. Contestants in this competition will not be allowed to fish in any waters that are closed to the public.

Fishing License: Required in the state of Georgia.

Polygraph Conducted: The top angler and one additional angler chosen at random will be required to submit to a polygraph test. The polygraph tests will be administered by the tournament director at the conclusion of day two.  Refusal to take the polygraph test will result in disqualification.

Fish Limits: 5 fish. Minimum length: 14 inches. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Shoal, and Redeye Bass will be weighed.

Payment Schedule: Anglers are responsible for paying the balance in full.

Event Details

Tournament Dates: TBA

Tournament Waters: TBA

Boat Launch Location: TBA. All boats must launch from this location.

Official Boat Ramp: TBA

Registration & Ride Around: 3 to 4-hour ride around (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

Day 1 & 2 – Date TBA: Full Field Tournament

Day 3 Finals – Date TBA: Final 12

Ease Offs: TBA

Weigh-Ins: TBA

Water Off-Limits: Off-Limits day starts at midnight on (Date TBA)

Number of Days Off-Limits: 15

Club Fee: $1

Entrance Fee: TBA